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We are Chorus Mobility - Research and Development company working on Blockchain solutions for the Future of Transportation, aiming to transform Urban Mobility and Improve Traffic with Micro Payments for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

Chorus Mobility emerged as a winner out of 23 participants
from 15 countries worldwide in BMW-backed auto tech Blockchain competition:
MOBI Grand Challenge. Watch our submission video here.
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About Us

Chorus Mobility is focusing on research and development of the Blockchain based peer-to-peer payments protocols and decentralized applications for connected vehicles. Our team has conducted and published one of the first academic researches on the Blockchain Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks as well as designed an interoperable, blockchain-agonistic software and hardware architectures for enabling a variety of new use cases for connected and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

Use Cases

Human to Vehicle

Decentralized Autonomous Taxi Haling and Sharing. We envision safe and seamless transactions with autonomous taxis. At the advent of autonomous taxis the Blockchain protocols will evolve to meet the security and trust-less environmental needs for all types of ridesharing methods. This includes pooling and sharing or splitting payments between multiple passengers within a single party.

Vehicle to Vehicle

In the future autonomous vehicles will need their own extremely secure and trustable network protocols through which to interact with one another. To combat congestion and increase the efficiency of traffic this system will prioritize traffic based on economic levers allowing connected cars to negotiate lane space.

Vehicle to Infrastructure

Decentralized and Instant V2X (Vehicle to Anything) Payments. Paying per second when using a paid priority lane. Automatic toll payments by Autonomous Vehicles and Regular Taxis.

Areas Of Research

Area of research

DApps Development

User friendly and Blockchain-ready Decentralized Applications



Integrating Autonomous Vehicles Software
with Blockchain



Off-chain Protocols Implications for Instant Payments to and from Decentralized Agents



Decentralized Mapping and Geospatial Solutions



Chorus founders were previously working on innovations in the digital payments and transportation sector by designing and building software for 20,000 US based and NYC Yellow Cabs. We have robust experience in working on integrations with leading digital payment companies, including MasterCard, Alipay and Android Pay in both consumer and transportation verticals. Members of our team have also created applications for leading POS electronic payment devices. Our R&D team is specializing in cryptography, logistics, telecommunication, payment systems, mapping, data mining, and neural networks.

Will Vorobev
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Benjamin Leiding
Co-founder, Chief Scientist
Lena Cherry
Co-founder, Strategy

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Our team members have prior experience in software integration projects for:
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